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Pick the Bravo that's Right for You !!!

With four models available, there's a Bravo 4100-Series model for almost any disc printing or disc publishing need.

  • Bravo 4100 AutoPrinter – 100-disc capacity, print-only version with no drives; perfect for side-by-side use with tower-style disc duplicators
  • Bravo 4051 Disc Publisher – 50-disc capacity with one recording drive
  • Bravo 4101 Disc Publisher – 100-disc capacity with one recording drive
  • Bravo 4102 Disc Publisher – 100-disc capacity with two recording drives

Bravo 4051, 4101 and 4102 may also be ordered with the latest-generation Blu-ray Disc™ recordable drives. With Bravo 4051 Blu, Bravo 4101 Blu or Bravo 4102 Blu you'll be able to record high-definition video as well as perform back-ups of files, photos, video and more. Both 25GB single-layer and 50GB dual-layer discs are supported.

  • Bravo SE AutoPrinter #63104
  • Bravo SE CD/DVD Publisher #63101
  • Bravo SE CD/DVD/BD Publisher #63127

Bravo SE is an "all-in-one" disc publishing system and DVD duplicator.

It combines fast, automated robotic CD / BD / DVD duplication along with full-color, 4800 dpi direct-to-disc printing - all in one compact, desktop unit. 

Bravo SE is ideal for producing either one at a time, unique discs or jobs of up to 20 discs at a time. Models include both Windows-based PC and Mac duplication software.


CD/DVD/BD 4100 series Autoprinter 100 discs
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CD/DVD/BD SE Autoprinter 20 discs
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