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CD case Protexx by Variopac



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Also called CD Ejector
Available only with black clips


VarioPac stands exemplary for innovative technologies and ideas regarding CD/DVD packing and/or archiving storage systems.

VarioPac, is the world-wide awarded, perfectly design orientated storage system for CD and DVD.

VarioPac is manufactured out of acompletely new polypropylene named metallocene.
VarioPac CD and DVD cases are therefore almost unbreackable.

Our product VarioPac is nearly world-wide available under the private-brand "VarioPac" also known as disc ProTexx, KickOut, PopOut, Ejector, Flip-n-Grip, Quickflip, CD-jet, etc..

The products are marked with:
"Vario Pac international patent" and still with the endorsement “manufactured by Ehlebracht AG ".

Made in Germany

Animation VarioPac
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