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A new generation of Sony's high definition media. Designed along with Sony HDCAM SR VTRs for maximum system performance Sony's most advanced metal tape technology Equipped with a TeleFile label to enhance content management Ultrafine high-performance metal particles and new calendaring technology realize high output and C/N ratio Durability to withstand repeated playbacks and edits Specially designed locking album case with unique cassette protection features.

The Hollywood Gold Standard. With full-resolution 1920 x 1080 recording and full-bandwidth 4:4:4 color,
Sony’s HDCAM SR recorders and BCT-SR Series cassettes are Hollywood mainstays.
In motion picture production, HDCAM SR tape has captured features responsible for billions of dollars in box office. In television, these cassettes star in program exchange and in the mobile production trucks covering major sports and entertainment events. And you’ll increasingly find BCT-SR cassettes in use for telecine, color correction, postproduction and anywhere image quality reigns supreme.