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DVCAM 12 minutes




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DLC protective layer for extra durability
Sony's DLC (Diamond Like Coating) protective layer on the tape surface gives PDV series cassettes the durability demanded in professional applications. This wear resistance is critical, particularly for editing and still-mode play.

High dimensional precision for compatability
Precision compatability is essential in a pro-format videocassette. Therefore, Sony uses an ultra-accurate slitting machine to assure correct tape width and a special process to reduce tape-shrinkage over time to about 1/2 that of consumer DV Tape

New Case specially designed for DVCAM use
The interior of the case has been designed with consideration for DVCAM's mobility, with a reel placement construction for firm strengthening and a new side lock to prevent accidental opening during transport. In the mini-cassette cases internal cushioning adds extra safety for newsgathering and possible mishandlings.

 Large Shell: available 34, 64, 94, 124 & 184 Minute lengths
Large: PDV-34N, PDV-64N, PDV-94N, PDV-124N, PDV-184N
Applicable Models:
DSR-1500A//C Editing Recorder
DSR-1600 Editing Player
DSR-1800 Editing Recorder
DSR-2000 Editing Recorder
DSR-70A Portable Editing Recorder