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LTO Ultrium-4 800/1600GB

MAXELL 183906


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Maxell LTO 4 Tapes have a storage capacity of 800GB and up to 1.6TB compressed. With a compressed transfer rate of up to 240MB/sec Maxell LTO4 tape is the fourth generation in the LTO Ultrium technology roadmap.

Features and Benefits
  • Large Capacity 800GB and up to 1.6 TB assuming 2:1 compression.
  • Fast Data Transfer - up to 240MB/second with compressed data
  • Improved cartridge durability - With Maxell’s high precision molding and spot welding around cartridge openings, for outstanding shock resistance during shipping and day-to-day handling.
  • Maxell’s Teal colored LTO-4 cartridge color provides greater ease of use through ready visual identification.
  • Built-in cartridge memory chip stores historical usage records and enables high speed data searches by the drive.