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The development of a high performance metal tape enables high density recording with a recording wavelength of .49 microns, achieving digital recording lengths of up to 40 minutes for the small size cassette, and 124 minutes for the large-size cassette.

Ultrafine metal particles and new calendering technology realize high C/N
To ensure stable recording and playback at the HDCAM format's shortest recording wavelength of .49 microns, Sony developed magnetic particles half the size of those used in conventional Digital Betacam Tape. High-density packing of these ultrafine metal magnetic particles, and the use of a new calendering technology which renders the tape surface extremely smooth, have created a metal tape with a C/N greater than 45 dB, more than enough range for digital recording
High reliability that withstands repeated playback and edits
 Sony's original binder design that has received high praise of Digital Betacam achieves the superb durability required for professional tape. Furthermore, a newly developed lubricant both protects the tape surface and maintains optimum contact with the heads.
Outstanding archival characteristics
To enable long-term, stable storage of valuable programs produced at broadcasting stations, an aluminum silica protective layer with anit-oxidation effect has been coated around each of the metal particles. Adding to this special process for suppressing tape shrinkage over time to its absolute lowest levels ensures a high degree of tracking precision, enabling accurate playback after long storage.
Special HDCAM cassette and case
The HDCAM cassette has an easily identifiable design, featuring a bright orange Anti-Static lid and dark grey shell. The case interior features ribs for controlling reel position as well as being designed to withstand the shocks of accidental falls. The double layer construction of the case cover hinge prevents the intrusion of dust and other foreign particles.