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BD-R 25GB Branded Sony 6X Pk1




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With over five times the storage capacity of single-layer DVD media and five times the bit-transfer rate, Blu-ray Disc guarantees brilliant playback. Ideal for movies, music, gaming, and PC applications. Blu-ray Disc is the all-purpose media for the future – delivering enhanced storage and interactivity for an optimized recording experience. Ideal for full high-definition (1080p) recording and playback.

  • 25 GB capacity Each disc can hold more than 10 standard DVDs.
  • Space for HD video recording Massive hard disk backups and large multi-media files.

  • In slim case
  • Fast data transfer rate Up to 72 Mbps.
  • Scratch Guard Hard coating protects against scratches and prevents dust and stains.
  • Archival Reliability Highly reliable recording material design resists image corruption and deterioration after long storage.
  • Stable Writing High-precision disc layer provides a level of disc flatness, which results in lower errors while recording and playback.
  • Temperature Durability High-precision disc structure made to prevent warping during severe changes in temperature and humidity.
  • Overwriting Reliability New recording layer that is extremely durable under repeated rewrite cycles.