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LTO Ultrium-6 2500/6250GB

MAXELL 229558


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 Maxell, the Linear Tape Open media leader has designed this durable 229558, LTO-6 cartridge for demanding needs of video applications, medium range companies and variety of large data rich IT centers.

It delivers best cost and energy benefits, while increasing the storage operations with remarkable 400Mbps speed.
This new generation elevates security and efficiency in complex environments with advanced 256 bit encryption and the robust media cartridge featuring “write once, read many”.
Preserve 2.5TB information; extremely reliable medium for financial database and other massive company records. 2.5:1 compression is the highest amongst LTO ultrium versions. After compression, the LTO6 drive stores immense 6.25 terabytes data.

This is the new advantageous media formulation that makes this Maxell 229558 cartridge more efficient and long lasting. The base film is protected from corrosion, resulting in precise servo writing, fast data extraction and excellent tape stability.

So the capacity and performance of this solution are maximized while delivering superior servo characteristics. This high density media has a 16 KB memory that has increased data searching.

Calendaring and efficient metal-particle dispersion are two superior features introduced by Maxell to boost storage density and robustness of its LTO ultrium 6 cartridge