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LaCie 2TB DJI Copilot BOSS




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DJI Copilot, 2TB

  • No Laptop needed
  • Copy files via SD card slot.
  • Copy files directly from drones, cam,phones,USB and more
  • plug directly into your USB devices
  • Status screen alerts you once file transfer is complete.
  • Copy files directly from drones, memory cards, action cams,
         DSLR cameras, phones, USB hard drives,
         USB flash drives, and more.
  • Monitor or check file transfer status, available capacity, and battery
         power using the integrated status screen.
  • Review your footage on your mobile phone or tablet—just attach the cable
         and view/playback with the Copilot BOSS app.
  • Manage and organize files too: rename, file, and delete with the Copilot BOSS app.
  • Use as a backup battery pack for USB chargeable devices.
  • Drop resistant, splash resistant, dust resistant
  • 2000GB (2TB) stores over 60 hours of 4K video.
  • 3-year Rescue Data Recovery Services plan
  • Publish stunning videos and photos with 1-month membership to Adobe® Creative
  • Cloud All Apps plan.2
  • Explore the entire collection of CC desktop and mobile apps.

View, Organize, and Manage from Your Phone

At the airport? On the subway? Jump start post production using the Copilot BOSS app. Connect Copilot to your phone or tablet via USB and launch the app—no internet required.

  • ✔ Play back video
  • ✔ Rename files
  • ✔ Delete what you don’t want

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Prepare for the Inevitable

It’s hard to prepare for everything that might happen on set or out in mother nature. But with DJI Copilot’s extreme durability and data rescue, you’ll be more ready than ever.

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