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Sony XQD M Series Flash memory card



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XQD high performance memory card

  • WRITE SPEED: Up to 80-150Mb/s
  • SERIE-M 

3.5X Read speed vs. Sony N Series XQD cards and improved shell construction for higher durability. NOTE: Requires firmware update to use in Sony PXWFS7 and PXWZ100 camcorders

Dramatically reduce ingest time even for large quantities of RAW images or data-intensive 4K video files. 60GB of video files can be transferred to SSD for backup just in approximately 3 minutes and boosts workflow efficiency Based on Sony’s testing when using Sony USB adapter or XQD/SD card reader and MacBook Pro.

Strengthened outer case for robustness and pins hidden inside the case for safe use (see next page). Shock proof, X-ray proof, Magnetic proof, Electrostatic proof, temperature proof and UV guard to withstand harsh environments.

File Rescue Software for download

Support recovery of RAW files taken with Nikon DSLR