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DVD+RDL Silver Thermal 8x Pk50




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  • 96732
  • DVD+RDL 240 Minutes 
  • 8.4GB ( single side Double layers )
  • Data Life single side double layers
  • Silver Thermal printable with Rimage prism printer
  • PRINTABLE NON HUB with Prism
  • Maximum speed 8X
  • Spindle of 50

From the pioneer in double layer DVD technology, Verbatim introduces DVD+R Double Layer media with a silver surface, ideal fPrism printer or silkscreen. Now you can burn 8.5GB of data or video and customize the disc label with high resolution full color images. Perfect for low volume DVD duplication, these discs can be burned up to 8X speed with compatible DL burners, saving up to 25 minutes per burn! Preferred by DVD drive manufacturers for performance, reliability and compatibility, White Hub Thermal Printable 8X DVD+R DL discs have been tested and qualified for use with DVD/CD thermal printers from Rimage  Prism 

  • Technology for superior performance and reliability
  • Compatible with 8X DVD+R DL drives from leading manufacturers