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DVCAM 34 minutes LARGE


MAXELL 303711


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The Maxell DVCPRO is a 6.35mm-wide metal particle, compact digital video cassette, with 34 minutes of recording time, that is ideal for use in news gathering and ENG/EFP shooting environments. This DVCPRO tape uses a 0.1 m Ceramic Armor metal particle coating to achieve higher magnetic energy. The tape also utilizes a new calendaring technology that optimizes tape surface smoothness.

Uniformly dispersed fillers in the tape formulation minimize head abrasion by reducing friction between the head and tape during high speed head rotations, cleaning debris from the head. The binder ensures long-term durability even in extreme ENG/EFP environments and in demanding editing and playback modes, such as still-frame and shuttle.

This tape also has a large shell window design that allows for a clear view of remaining tape and winding conditions. To ensure a low error rate, the videocassette shell and cover feature a static-resistant resin that prevents the attraction of dust and foreign particles that may cause dropouts.

Reliable even in Extreme Conditions: Superior binder materials ensure long-term reliability, excellent lubrication performance, and a low error rate even after repeated use in extreme ENG/EFP environments.
Low Error Rate: The combination of Maxell's 0.1um Ceramic Armor Metal particles and superior calendering technology optimizes tape surface smoothness, markedly improving short wavelength output, while decreasing noise and minimizing spacing loss with the head.
Low Friction - Head Cleaning: Uniformly dispersed fillers clean debris from the heads and minimize head abrasion by reducing friction.
Low Tape Shrinkage: Because of DVCPRO's extremely narrow 18um track width, long-term storage and high-temperature environments can result in tape shrinkage, adversely affecting subsequent playback and compatibility. Maxell's advanced production process minimizes the potential of shrinkage by producing a tape with remarkable heat-shrinkage resistance.

Format: DVCPRO
Recording Time:
DVCPRO Run Time (25 Mbps): 12 Minutes
DVCPRO 50 Run Time (50 Mbps): 6 Minutes
DVCPRO HD-LP Run Time (100Mbps - 9 Micron): 6 Minutes
DVCPRO HD Run Time (100 Mbps): 3 Minutes